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   IPM VFX & ANIMATION, a technically innovative Studio provides finest quality Multimedia VFX Outsourcing Services. IPM stands for “Industrial Pixel Magic”. Our passion in the Magic of Pixels bring us here. We are strongly committed to bring your amazing imageries to a perennial lively Digital Art.

   We offers high-end VFX services for Feature Films, Animated Movies, Television episodic work, Advertising, Entertainment industry and much more. Our Studio caters to the needs of its clients with Creativity. We are committed to provide high-quality outputs with high-efficiency professional services. We have a dedicated, talented & inspirational team, who could handle any complexity shots and give best visuals output on time.

   We value the data security and privacy. We are available round the clock, feel free to contact us anytime for Estimates / Bids / work with us and much more. No job is big or too small. We are happy to serve in all kinds of Multimedia visuals task. We meet your requirements in a happy Budget.


Roto / Keying Matte

We trace the object, extract the moving images, create & animate the different shapes and generate Alpha Channel Matte in best quality by using exclusively designed Softwares and provide outputs in desired formats.

Paint / Prep

We expertise in Digital Paint & Prep which includes Removal of Wires, Rig, Track Markers, unwanted Artifacts, Scratches, Clean up and reconstruction of BG, De-graining & Re-graining and more.


We animate geometrical 3D Modelling in Maya, based on the input given, create the correct spatial relationships between objects in the three-dimensional scene while matching the two-dimensional content of the shot plate.

Match Move

We re-create live Camera footage in a virtual Camera using 3D Application and provide final footage as real-time representation. Our talented team evaluate the shots, analyze the Camera Information, Set Measurements including Camera height, focus distance and handle the shots with or without Survey data and there is no compromise in Quality.

Matte Painting

Digital Matte Painting concept is simple, but it demands skilful Artists who could use the best techniques to replace BG and make it realistic. Our talented team has in-depth knowledge of the use of color, lighting, composition & depth and use a mix of digital painting, compositing and Photoshop magic give the viewer the perfect illusion of real Background.


We establish designs, layouts, models and characteristics with good use of light, shadow and colour. Our technical expertise have good understanding of anatomy, scale, form, weight and volume and with extensive knowledge create moderate to complex organic models, characters, props and environments.


Compositing, a highly technical craft, wherein we visualize the concept and integrate one image into another one and make them look like one whole, a photo-realistic image. Our Compositors are proficient in using 2.5d approaches, projections and using 3D environment within Nuke. Skilled in multi-channel compositing, chroma keying, projection setup, tracking and color correction.

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Co-Founder | Head of VFX | Supervisior Email : shanmugam@ipmvfx.com


Co-Founder | Head of Production Email : anbalagan@ipmvfx.com


Co-Founder | VFX Producer | 2D Supervisior Email : patrickrozario@ipmvfx.com

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